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Support for Parents

As a former CAMHS clinical psychologist, I have years of experience in supporting children, adolescents and parents



Initial contact and the first appointment

It's often helpful to have at least one initial consultation without your child or teenager present; many people find that they can talk more openly and ensure that I understand enough of the background, which may not always be appropriate for others to hear.  I aim to understand your concerns and your hopes for our work, and then I will support your child to identify their own concerns and goals.  


Who is this for?

Anyone concerned about their child or teenager's emotional, behavioural or mental health needs can explore their concerns with me at a first appointment.  In many cases it is most effective for me to continue to work closely with you as a parent, so that you can actively support at home any changes we identify, and to ensure that your child has a real team around them to provide support and encouragement.  My preferred approaches, and those with among the strongest evidence base for children and adolescents with a range of needs, are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy. 


Parenting support

Parenting, even at the best of times, can be incredibly difficult for a wide range of reasons.  I specialise in helping parents to identify what it is they wish to change, what has blocked them up to now, and ways forward to address this together.  Being a parent is a task unlike any other and can carry a significant emotional toll.  We will ensure that you as a person are kept fully in mind during our work; I often work with parents to help them to understand how issues from their own past may influence the aspects of parenting that they find easy or most difficult.  If more than one person is involved in parenting, then I can also work with everyone to ensure that we are all working together in a way most likely to achieve your goals.



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