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private therapy

What will it be like?


Initial contact

We'll have contact by telephone or email initially.  This will help us to begin thinking together about what you would like to change, and to check that I am the right therapist for you.  


Our first appointment

At the first appointment I'll first make sure that you are feeling relaxed enough to get the most out of our session - meeting a therapist for the first time can be a very nerve-wracking experience.  Then we'll look at what it is you'd like to work to change in your life, paying particular attention to how any issue or difficulty is affecting you at the moment.  By the end of the first session my aim is for us to have a clearer idea of what it is you would like to work on. 


What happens next?

Coming to an initial session does not commit you to an extended series of appointments, and you may wish only to have one initial, exploratory appointment, and then to have the chance to reflect on whether now is the right time to work on these issues.  If you do decide to take our work forward, I will discuss with you the approach that I think has the best chance of helping you to reach your goals.  I can provide a range of different therapeutic approaches and I find it helpful to offer a 'trial therapy' of four to six sessions, so that we can establish a good way of working together, you can find our if the approach suits you, and we then have the chance to review what we have done so far.


Flexibility with structure

Our initial session will last 90 minutes, so that we have enough time to get things started.  Many people prefer to continue with this length of session, as it allows a deeper exploration the issues that are important to them.  I do also offer 50-minute sessions subsequently, if that is preferable to you.  It tends to work best if we can meet weekly, at least at the start of our work, so that we can maintain the momentum that we build up together in our work.  However, I will always agree a session length and frequency that works best for you. 



Please contact me to discuss fees and payment methods.





Clinical Psychologist
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