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Working with your goals

You may already feel very clear about what you wish to achieve from therapy, in which case: fantastic, let's get started!  But very often people do not yet have a clear goal in mind.  It may be that you feel dissatisfied with one or more aspects of life, and know that you wish for things to be different.  I will work with you to agree one or more goals that will guide us in our work, and ensure that we stay focused on targets that are meaningful to you.  Some common areas that people focus on with me include:




Emotional problems

- Generalised anxiety (in many situations)

- Specific anxiety problems (e.g., social anxiety, phobias, health anxiety)

- Depression and low mood

​Relationships difficulties

​- Difficulties within existing close relationships (e.g., arguments)

- Difficulties forming or sustaining relationships

- Difficulties with relationships at work or other settings

​Stress and Coping

- Dealing with specific work issues (e.g. pressure at work, coping with redundancy, problems making progress in career)

- Bereavement 

- Managing stress in healthier ways

- Difficulties with sleep

An important part of any Clinical Psychologist's work is making sure that progress is measurable and specific, rather than vague and unquantified.  I will agree with you a way to measure our progress together, which will often include questionnaires that have been demonstrated by researchers to accurately measure a set of symptoms, difficulties, or characteristics (e.g. symptoms of anxiety, or difficulties in relationships).  We will also specifically measure progress towards your goal or goals.

The world of therapy, counselling, and psychology can be very confusing.  Sometimes we're not even sure what we want at the start.  I'll work with you to make this clearer, so you can decide what next steps you wish to take.

What will the first meeting be like?

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